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We often hear from our customers that they feel at the mercy of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) when procuring system replacement parts. Since OEMs rarely build their own parts, they end up relying on third-party vendors — often located overseas — to supply them with spares. Meanwhile, the end user is left at a disadvantage, waiting for replacements that will fit within their budget and lead times.

UHP Valve Panel 1To address this issue, the HPS team is proud to offer ultra-high purity parts, assemblies, and welded components to match OEM specifications. Our team has extensive experience creating OEM parts for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries, and we always welcome new challenges.

Working from specific dimensions, part numbers, and tolerances, HPS will not only match OEM specifications but will also meet semiconductor SEMI welding standards and pharmaceutical
BPE welding standards. All of our welders are certified under ASME Section IX and can produce precise, repeatable welds in our permanent Class 100 Cleanroom facility.

We’ve replicated or reproduced various types of OEM assemblies, including:

  • Valve Panels
  • Gas Panels
  • Gas Delivery Panels
  • Valve Manifold Panels
  • Valve Manifold Boxes
  • Valve Clusters
  • Regulator Panels
  • Filter Panels
  • Gas Sticks
  • Regulator Sticks
  • Valve Sticks
  • Custom Pigtails
  • Weldments
  • High Purity Manifolds
  • VCR and Microfit Assemblies
  • Dip Tubes
  • J-Tubes
  • Transfer Panels
  • Transfer Panel Jumpers
  • Sanitary Spools
  • Custom Precision-Machined Assemblies

The HPS Difference

Cleanroom welding ebook coverAt HPS, we understand the importance of keeping your facility online and your equipment in production. If an OEM’s cost or lead time is unacceptable for your orbital welded or precision machined parts, contact us today to learn how we can help. If you need assistance choosing the right cleanroom welding partner to team with to deliver high-quality, repeatable welds, download our free eBook, “Obtaining the Weld Quality You Need — What to Look for in a Cleanroom Welding Contractor.”


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