The welders, fitters, and fabricators at High Purity Systems can custom fabricate anything you need.

Is it thousands of feet of large-bore pipe you need? Our MIG welders and industrial welding positioners will make quick, quality work of it.

Perhaps it is small-bore tube assemblies you need. How much does it cost you when mission-critical components inside your facility go down? HPS’ fabrication shop can replicate them and offer you swift turn-around to get you back online quickly. Partner with HPS to custom build your piping assemblies and discover: when it’s finished you know it’s already been cleaned, tested, inspected, validated, and x-rayed saving you onsite man-hours and headaches. All these benefits add up to: lower man-hours, better safety statistics, and quicker completion of the work. Think of HPS before your next job starts. Let us help you increase the profitability of your project.

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