HPS utilizes a hydraulic, rotary drawn mandrel bender to solve your problems which don’t require a welding machine. We can bend stainless steel tubing up to 3” diameter. We can bend stainless steel piping from 2” Schedule 40 to 1” extra-heavy wall (XXH) – and anything in between.

We can bend different alloys of stainless steel, Hastelloy®, as well as copper pipe and tube. There are many advantages of mandrel bending:

  • It will save you money. You can eliminate costly forged weld fittings as well as weld inspection and testing (if required).
  • It will save you time and improve your project schedule. Every time you eliminate a weld fitting, there are two welds you don’t have to make or inspect.
  • It is extremely convenient. We can bend any angle or degree offset you require; no need to cut down existing fittings to get the correct angle and hope that you have a weldable joint when you’re finished.
  • The interior surface remains smooth. Bending eliminates the possibility of entrapment areas that can be caused by improper welding techniques.

In addition, our experienced craftsmen are able to bend electropolished tubing, or polished pipe with only minimal degradation to overall interior surface Ra. Contact us to receive a quote on your mandrel bending project today!

Our team at HPS set out to debunk the myths of mandrel bending in our latest eBook, The Official Guide to Mandrel Bending of Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube. 

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