High-tech laser scanning and modeling services optimize construction planning, facility operation and documentation

High Purity Systems combines cutting-edge technology and in-house expertise to provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design in Construction (VDC) services to customers nationwide.

Our in-house BIM team manages the entire BIM process to provide modeling for construction planning, estimating and budgeting.

We also integrate BIM into existing construction projects in support of owners, facility managers, contractors, architects, engineers and subcontractors.

Laser scanning and BIM advantages

Laser scanning and BIM enhance several critical aspects of process piping and general mechanical construction projects.

Better measurement

This technology offers faster and more accurate field verification. It provides more comprehensive Virtual Design Models that fabricators can reference for less costly off-site fabrication of components. The technology also provides more detailed information for verification and validation of the existing condition of systems.

It also aids estimating, constructability analyses, pre-planning and review processes critical in the early stages of construction.

Minimized background modeling

Modeling with laser scanning and BIM software reduces overall modeling workload while providing unified digital models accessible to all trades on a project. Models generated from laser scans accurately reflect as-built environments unlike conventional CAD software, which does not capture shelving, mobile equipment or other objects which are part of the overall environment.

Compressed scheduling

Our BIM/VDC services contributes to more efficient scheduling and execution of projects in existing facilities by minimizing on-site visits and disruptions. It helps project teams manage parallel off-site workflows and increases opportunities for off-site fabrication. Finally, it helps teams verify installation progress closer to real-time, enabling trades to accommodate late changes with minimal project impact.

Detailed comprehensive models

This service provides building owners or operators with detailed digital models useful in a wide variety of recordkeeping applications, including:

  • System validation
  • Project planning and staging
  • Operation and maintenanceInsurance documentation
  • Fire safety and emergency preparedness
  • Off-site team collaboration


Process piping & general mechanical

BIM/VDC modeling and consulting provides greater accuracy and improved timelines for process piping as well as general mechanical construction and even renovation projects. Applications include:

  • Pre-construction as-builts
  • Operational facilities
  • New construction
  • Documentation for commercial, industrial and processing facilities
  • Risk mitigation
  • Relocation of existing equipment
  • Structural and vessel deformation studies
  • Verification of space requirements for new equipment

Laser scanning equipment

High Purity Systems utilizes the Faro S350 laser scanner, which features groundbreaking capabilities that provide more accurate information at higher speed. Those capabilities include:

  • Collecting 1 million data point per second at a range of up to 350 meters
  • 3D point cloud accuracy to within one millimeter
  • Detailed black & white or color imagery
  • Ability to scan at nighttime or in dark environments such as interstitial spaces.

Skilled operators support BIM/VDC service

High Purity Systems employs a team of skilled scanner operators and in-house modelers who are:

  • Well-trained in the safe use of scanners and adjacent equipment
  • Understand system design to ensure critical measurements are captured
  • Trained to recognize and remove unwanted objects that corrupt scan data
  • Excel at receiving, validating and registering scanner data

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Laser scanning, BIM and VDC services from High Purity Systems are backed by a team with a 35-year track record of collaboration, precision and quality craftsmanship.

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