For many industrial processes, the purity of raw materials is crucial.

That’s why manufacturers rely on filters and filtration systems that keep impurities out. The infrastructure supporting these systems plays an outsized role in ensuring production stays efficient and finished products meet spec.

High Purity Systems relies on decades of process knowledge to fabricate filtration skids and system components that meet customers’ unique requirements.

Importance of filtration skids in industrial processing

The quality and safety standards that permeate the consumer goods and other sectors mean that filtration of process materials is critical. Before materials can move on to another manufacturing step—or be packaged for shipment—they must meet strict purity requirements.

Because filtration systems are vital to ensuring product quality and safety, the way they’re built and integrated into a facility is critical. Our team takes a holistic view of these systems. We want to know:

  • What type of filtration media do you plan to use?
  • Do fluids flow upward through the filter or downward?
  • Will the piping or tubing leading into or out of the filtration skid need to be updated or reconfigured?
  • How frequently are filters or filtration media replaced?
  • What processes occur prior to filtration?
  • What purity requirements must fluids meet beforefiltration?
  • What comes next: Additional processing or final testing and packaging?
  • What unique maintenance requirements apply to your system?

The more we know about an entire production system, the better we are at developing the filtration skid solution that enhances product quality and operational efficiency.

Filtration skids and piping

Meeting unique customer requirements

Customers frequently approach High Purity Systems because the solution they need can’t be bought off a shelf. This is where we excel. We provide solutions, not products.

With experience fabricating and installing process piping components and systems for some of the most advanced industrial processors in the U.S., we’ve racked up decades of process knowledge that we’ll apply to your project.

Send us your specs, show us drawings and let us know what documentation must accompany the work we do. Our team holds all necessary certifications to complete filtration skid or system fabrication projects in all industries. Learn more about our expertise here.

Take the next step toward more efficient manufacturing and purer products. Contact us to discuss your upcoming filtration skid project now.

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