Maximize fluid and gas delivery

Valve manifold panels (VMPs), valve manifold boxes (VMBs) and regulator panels play an important role within process piping systems, receiving gas or fluid from one or more bulk sources and then distributing it to multiple separate use points. They allow operators to consolidate control over production processes, helping to enhance product quality and production efficiency.

High Purity Systems builds custom VMPs, VMBs and regulator panels used in processes spanning the industrial spectrum, from semiconductor to healthcare to water treatment and beyond.

How they work

Specific processes require specific delivery of fluids or gases. Valve manifold panels, boxes and regulator panels are vital to process piping systems because they take fluid or gas from a bulk source and distribute it among multiple outlets. Those outlets sometimes contain gas sticks that combine valves, regulators and flow meters to deliver the source material according to production requirements.

Without this technology, facilities would need independent gas delivery systems for every use point, resulting in tremendous inefficiency, poor use of space and very high costs.

VMP and VMB design considerations

High Purity Systems can assist customers with design and layout of valve manifold panels to suit their unique needs. Our team has built a vast understanding of the wide range of production processes that rely on this vital equipment.

We consider these key variables as we develop valve manifold panel and box solutions:

  • The type of fluid or gas distributed through the panel. It’s important that the material used to build the panel be compatible with the fluid or gas moving through it.
  • The flow rate of the fluid or gas. Valve manifold panels must be designed to accommodate the bulk source flow rate while also achieving the flow rate demands of downstream processes.
  • The temperature of the fluid or gas. Temperature can affect how well or poorly something travels through a manifold, so the components of a valve manifold panel must account for source material temperature for it to work best.
  • The pressure of the fluid or gas. To achieve peak performance, valve manifold panels must be fabricated to accommodate the pressure of the material in source lines and then distribute it to respective outlets at the required pressure.
  • The quality of the source fluid at the point of use. The fluid depends on its line of transportation to get it where it is needed without adding any contamination.

In some circumstances, valve manifold boxes must be vented. In this case, they’re attached to a building’s existing exhaust system or provided with a dedicated exhaust depending on the hazards of the fluid or gas at hand. The size and other characteristics of vents depends on the amount (and danger) of gas to be vented.

In addition, some customer applications require added components like flame arresters and gas detectors that shut off gas flow if the need arises.

Value-added assembly of VMPs, VMBs and regulator panels

Our team of experienced craftsmen have mastered the fabrication and assembly of valve manifold panels. The quality tests we perform after assembly assures the integrity of their work.

Cleanliness requirements vary across valve manifold panel applications. Some must meet stringent ultra-high purity (UHP) standards, other BPE standards as well as custom requirements based on the end use application.

As an experienced UHP process piping system and component fabricator, we’ll put our team of ASME Section IX-certified welders to work building your panel and then conducting quality tests with patented equipment we invented for UHP projects.

What’s more, High Purity Systems adds additional value by understanding design and material specs and proposing ways to save you time and money. Here’s how:

  • Some specs call for rare components that come with long lead times. Our fabricators will source similar parts with shorter lead times and then modify them in our facility according to your exact needs.
  • With a deep understanding of the compatibility between part materials and the fluids or gases in a system, we can source alternative materials that still meet your specs but come with shorter lead times or lower prices.
  • When your unique needs require parts that no one makes, we’ll offer suggestions and alternatives for a custom solution.

Trust High Purity Systems

When it comes to building valve manifold panels—or any other process piping system or component—the most important message we can send to engineers and mechanical contractors is that we’ve been at this a long time.

Our customers have trusted us to understand their processes in-depth and provide systems that make their operation safer, more efficient and more valuable for over three decades.

Do you have questions about how to integrate valve manifold panels in your facility? Contact us. And if you already know what you need, take the next step by requesting a quote.

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