High Purity Systems provides manual and free-hand welding services on a wide variety of projects ranging from rudimentary mechanical piping to complex high-purity components and systems.

We emphasize rigorous training and flexibility so that our craftsmen are ready to take on projects requiring any manner of welding, including:

  • MIG / GMAW
  • Stick / SMAW
  • Silver soldering
  • Brazing
  • Seam, spot, spray and stud welding
  • Hot air plastic welding

Reduce risk and enhance system performance

Mechanical contractors and owners alike rely on our experienced welders to provide process piping fabrication and installation solutions for process systems.

Our team begins with a consultative approach. We take time to understand facilities and conduct constructability reviews to ensure customer drawings can be brought to life while meeting unique project requirements and specifications.

Whether we pre-fabricate components in our shop or build them on-site, the job is done by experienced welders meeting all applicable ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code requirements.

Even on the most intricate component designs or in close quarters where orbital welding equipment cannot be used, our team is comfortable executing manual welds that meet the strict quality requirements that apply to orbital welding.

If you’re ready to start discussing a project with us, send us your drawings and we’ll put together a quote.

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R&D, prototyping and emergency repairs

Manufacturers who continually innovate their processes and modernize their facilities stay ahead of the competition. High Purity Systems helps them do it by providing research & development assistance and component prototyping. Read about how we prototyped a purge suitcase panel for NASA, a project that led the Agency to place an order for 18 units.

Our craftsmen have experience completing a full range of manual and free-hand welding projects in applications across the industrial spectrum.

Need a hand in determining how to put your plans into practice? The High Purity team is ready to help. Just reach out to our team to start a conversation.

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