High Purity Systems fabricates ultra high purity (UHP) gas delivery systems serving the full spectrum of manufacturing processes in the microelectronics, semiconductor, aerospace, solar and other sectors.

Critical system fabrication requires communication, diligence and an uncompromising commitment to assembling top-quality systems that maintain the integrity of our customers’ operations.

Industries and applications

High Purity Systems fabricates customized UHP gas delivery systems that integrate with systems and equipment within manufacturing facilities. These systems transmit specialty gases that play key roles in the manufacture of critical components, such as:

  • Semiconductors like diodes and transistors used across the electronics industry.
  • Automotive electronic control units (ECUs) which connect to various sensors to adapt a myriad of systems such as anti-lock braking among others.
  • Solar cells for photovoltaic power generation.
  • Silicon wafers used as substrates to which additional microelectronic components are applied.
  • Liquid crystal display systems.
  • Various etched microelectronic components.

Ensuring system integrity

Quality fabrication of your gas delivery system directly translates to the safe, efficient production of the critical components you make.

High Purity Systems employs the most skilled orbital welders in the business. We combine these professionals with cutting-edge orbital welding equipment and a certified Class 100 cleanroom in which we fabricate gas delivery systems from tubing ranging in size from 6” OD down to 1/16” OD.

Gas delivery systems

The integrity of your gas delivery system cannot be in question. Our stringent post-fabrication quality test regimen ensures we meet your precise design specs. We perform the following tests:

  • Helium leak tests that make sure there are no microscopic gaps in weld seams.
  • Moisture analysis, particulate tests and hydrocarbon tests to confirm no impurities made their way into tubing during fabrication. We use advanced mass spectrometers to identify any impurities inside UHP gas delivery tubing.
  • We’ve eliminated human error in weld quality testing by inventing a proprietary “go / no-go” gauge that objectively accepts or rejects welds based on strict pre-set criteria. It’s a patented tool no one else in the world uses to guarantee weld quality.

Material selection

Corrosion protection is paramount in the semiconductor gas delivery systems we fabricate. We typically build these systems using 316L stainless steel tubing with interior surfaces electropolished to 10 Ra (roughness average).

316L is the most common corrosion-resistant stainless steel type used in semiconductor applications. And given the need for extreme precision of gas delivery in these applications, electropolishing to 10 Ra ensures the wetted surface of the tubing promotes smooth, even gas flow while enhancing corrosion resistance.

Gas delivery system

We also pay close attention to design specs for other components within gas delivery systems. Through our years of experience, we understand how components and the gases they transmit interact, and we can provide crucial material selection guidance to customers as they expand existing systems or develop new ones to meet evolving needs.

This also helps us secure for customers a more cost-effective investment. Some components are highly customized, making them difficult to get on short notice. When it’s appropriate, we use our material expertise to recommend alternatives that meet your specs but can significantly reduce lead times.

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Meeting timelines is a must

High Purity Systems works closely with customers to ensure critical UHP gas delivery system fabrication is completed on time. Getting it done requires open communication so that we’re on the same page about your goals and expectations. It also requires cultivating a broad network of suppliers who stock the parts and materials we use to fabricate your system.

Then, it’s up to us. We’ll make sure we complete our work on time because we know that prompt delivery of your gas delivery system puts you back in profitable operation. And if we already have all the parts we need in stock, we can fabricate your system in a matter of hours.

Your partner for gas delivery system fabrication

Semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing is high-stakes work. The skilled fabricators at High Purity Systems understand that the quality of their work directly relates to the quality of yours. The intense training each of our welders completes is part of why it makes sense to team up with a cleanroom welding contractor.

Want to dig deeper? Read our e-book on what to look for in a cleanroom welding contractor to learn more about how we assure quality on these complex, custom jobs. And if you have any questions or want to discuss an upcoming project, let’s talk.

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