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The Challenge

High Purity Systems’ (HPS) fabrication services, clean system installations, welding capabilities, and extensive industry knowledge recently won our team a fabrication and installation project with a leading water and wastewater management service provider. 

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The customer, a general contractor working with a water and wastewater treatment plant, needed to install Hastelloy® piping for its sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide systems. Neither the contractor nor the end user had much experience with this material, whose exotic nature posed huge risks of welding failures and added costs. Unable to find anyone capable of welding Hastelloy® pipe, the customer turned to the welding experts at HPS.

The Strategy

Not only did HPS have the experience and qualifications to work with this rare piping material, but we were able to adjust our project schedule to fit the customer’s needs, as well as fabricate much of the work offsite to minimize congestion on the project. We visited the customer’s site to detail the piping, then fabricated as much as possible in our Manassas, Virginia pipe fabrication shop before returning to the site for installation.

Using pipe cutting equipment and TIG welding machines, HPS installed 200 linear feet of the 0.75” Hastelloy® 40 pipe, and when complete our team pressure tested the entire installation to ensure that it met American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B31.3 power piping standards.

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As a side note, the end user was challenged with numerous obstacles on their end before HPS even entered the picture – slow turnaround for submittals and RFI’s combined with long lead times for parts and materials – which ended up delaying the project schedule from an original duration of eight weeks to an extended five-month timeline. HPS was able to provide flexibility for our customer, and through proactive dialogue and communication with the contractor, the designer, and the end user, we were able to execute the project in the most timely and efficient way possible.

The Result

HPS’ previous experience and knowledge of Hastelloy® added value to the project and ultimately convinced the contractor to trust us with the job. After the successful installation, the contractor continued utilizing our technical expertise to help educate their team and the end user. We were proud that this job led to not just one, but many happy customers!

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