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The Challenge

One of our industrial customers needed to install a valve and vent pipe on an underground steam drain system.

Seems easy enough, right? Not exactly.

While High Purity Systems (HPS) was performing the overflow valve installation, we discovered a significant challenge with the drain pipe: the underground pipe was a different material than what was previously specified. HPS conquered this challenge by drawing from our industry expertise and history of problem solving with unique projects. 

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Thanks to our long standing relationship, the customer had confidence in our team’s ability to complete the project and overcome the identified obstacles.

The Strategy

At HPS, safety is our number one priority — regardless of whether we are in the trenches or preparing to work within them. Once the client selected us for the job, HPS began planning for the safety and execution of an exciting new project.

First, we began with the excavation and exposure of the underground piping system. By utilizing an extending forklift and mechanical couplings for cross-material linking, we broke ground and prepared to install the drain pipe material.

It was only after excavating that we discovered the piping material was cast iron, not carbon steel as we had originally thought; welding the valve to the pipe using this material was not feasible. We needed to find an alternative approach to the project while still staying within our client’s requested timeline.

The Result

High Purity Systems quickly identified a solution and, in the end, was able to meet specifications while completing installation just a week later. The end result was 4” piping with ¼” tolerances. Not only did HPS complete the renewed drain piping system, but we also did it swiftly to solve a problem that could have caused major delays for our customer.

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