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The Challenge

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center has had a rich history in the Baltimore area since 1773. Ever since Johns Hopkins took over management in the 80s, Bayview Hospital has been a national leader in academic medicine. In 2012, the hospital decided to upgrade its critical Deionized (DI) water system. High Purity Systems had the privilege of working on this project to help get their critical system back online. 

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Over the years, High Purity Systems has built a strong working relationship with a local designer of water systems. Whenever the designer needs piping for large-scale systems or smaller-scale projects, they call HPS, just as they did with this Bayview project.

The Strategy

Our HPS team began the planning process by confirming schedules, materials, and layout. There was a collaborative discussion between the Bayview team, the water system designer and the HPS team about the best material to use for the DI water piping system; LXT or polypropylene? After several meetings with our client and representatives from Bayview, it was determined the originally specified LXT pipe would not be the best solution to build the piping system. Instead, it was determined that socket weld heat fusion polypropylene would be the more efficient and sanitary solution. After our client and Bayview representatives both agreed with the new approach, our team began working on the project.

Over the scheduled project timeline of four weeks, HPS installed the DI water loop in the ceiling with the appropriate slope for proper drainability. Once we completed the overhead piping and the ceilings, we continued the work on the walls and floors. HPS connected the system to the purification equipment our client provided. When the polypropylene piping was finished, HPS performed hydrostatic pressure testing to ensure a strong and leak-free system.

The Result

Our client recommended HPS for this project because over the years HPS has repeatedly proven its ability to deliver quality, sanitary piping systems. HPS’ consistency in delivering sanitary piping systems on time with few complications is the reason for our strong partnerships with clients like these.

At HPS, we admire the work Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center does in the medical field; our team was honored to contribute to facility improvements that will now help the Center to better care for their patients. By turning the initial project vision into a reality, HPS made not just one, but two clients happy with the final result.

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