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The Challenge

Need milk? We can help. How about wine? We can help with that, too!

Recently, one of our customers needed water — and they needed it right away. The high-production purified water bottling company asked our High Purity Systems (HPS) team to replace a carbon tower at their facility. 

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The Strategy

Without affecting production, HPS replaced the carbon tower with a new model during a planned overnight shutdown from a Friday evening through Saturday morning. To combine multiple pieces to form the single carbon tower needed for this integral piece of equipment, we employed TIG welding, rigging, and tank assembly operations, as well as necessary in-service testing.

The customer chose High Purity Systems for the job thanks to our extensive team capabilities and our proximity to the customer’s Virginia location, which would surely help to expedite the project. We also had an existing relationship with the customer, who had been working with us since 2007 on a variety of facility challenges, including leaking equipment issues. Based on our past successful projects and consistent quality, the client trusted that we could deliver a timely solution for the carbon tower replacement project.

The Result

Our team replaced the carbon tower in less than 24 hours. After planning and executing a small facility shutdown, we assembled tank components using hand TIG welding and rigging equipment. Although outside the scope of our contract, we also installed the tank trimmings using polished stainless steel tube and fittings to meet food and beverage industry standards.

Once the tank was installed and facility operations were restored, the customer tested the carbon tower and said that, “Everything worked perfectly.” HPS provided a solution that would allow the facility to return to full operation without any extended downtime — and made for a very happy customer!

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