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The Challenge

Recently, an industry-leading biologics R&D organization asked the HPS team to put our versatile piping system expertise to work on a new project. The client needed to add shutoff valves to an existing condensate steam line in their life science facility, and our team was excited to take on the challenge.
The project involved welding valves onto three separate Water for Injection (WFI) generation skids. To orchestrate the valve installation, our team coordinated with the owner’s facility staff to ensure minimal down time for each of the three independent skids. However, we quickly had to become flexible about the job schedule when unexpected shutdown changes altered our plan. 

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The Strategy

While the facility owners originally planned for two separate shutdowns on the same day, they ended up being unable to bring the first piece of equipment back online in time to shut down the second piece; once the WFI skid was put into idle mode, the owner determined it could not be brought back online as quickly as expected. This unanticipated schedule change altered our team’s approach to the project, as both HPS and the owner had initially planned to complete two valve tie-ins within the first day.

At HPS, we always go out of our way to provide the services each customer needs to their exact specifications. We knew the importance of rescheduling the second shutdown and we were able to accommodate the customer by returning another day to complete the second and third valve installations. When we returned, our on-site team hand-welded the carbon steel valves and performed an in-service inspection test upon completion.

The Result

Despite the scheduling setback, HPS completed this project in just two days total, minimizing the owner’s operational downtime as well as their overall project costs. The customer appreciated our flexibility with the changing schedule and was very pleased with the final results of the project.

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