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The Challenge

HPS has been a leader in sanitary process piping systems for over 30 years, and one of our favorite types of customers is beverage production plants. Recently, an award-winning microbrewery needed a mechanical contractor to modify and add transfer lines to their production facility. 

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The job was multifaceted, requiring uphill and downhill stainless transfer lines, CIP system piping, adding sanitary ferrules for existing piping, equipment and piping racks, structural steel legs for an outdoor piece of equipment, and piping insulation. The customer chose HPS for this complex project after another local Brewmaster referred us for our diverse mechanical capabilities, quick response time, and knowledge of sanitary brewery piping systems.

The Strategy

Our team knew it was important to limit any impact on the brewery’s production, so we decided to detail and prefabricate many of the modifications off-site in our piping fabrication shop. Using an orbital TIG welding machine, our certified ASME Section IX welders fabricated the piping out of 304 and 316L stainless steel to meet 3A sanitary standards for the food and beverage industry.

We completed the final installation on a day the bottling crew was not working. Off-site fabrication of the sanitary brewery piping meant we could come to the facility and quickly incorporate the modifications with minimal disruption to its daily operations.

The Result

Our team was able to complete the project in two weeks, and exceed the customer’s expectations in the process. In fact, on our last day of work, the owner asked if we also did steam piping and glycol piping – the answer was a resounding yes! We were proud to be selected as a trusted partner in the tight-knit brewing community and we look forward to many more projects to come.

HPS not only performs sanitary brewery piping installation, but also fabricates carbon steel steam lines and glycol systems, copper piping, PVC plastic, non-process systems, custom parts such as sanitary hoses, and tank rigging services. As your brewing, distilling, or winemaking facilities grow and evolve, remember that quality and doing it right the first time are the keys to reducing costs and downtime. Whether on-site installations, off-site custom fabrications or general facility maintenance, we are here to help!

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