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The Challenge

HPS is proud to provide high-quality piping systems for some of the most innovative, successful companies across industries. One of our recent customers — a Maryland-based biopharmaceutical and life science company — was working on a facility expansion and needed to build a Reverse Osmosis/Deionized (RODI) water system to deliver purified water. Accustomed to working on detailed, complex projects, we at HPS knew we would be the right contractor for the job. 

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We teamed up with our equipment vendor to put together a presentation demonstrating our understanding of the customer’s specific needs and also built a résumé of past projects involving the installation of similar critical piping systems. After a thorough and competitive bid comparison process, our proposal was accepted, and our project team immediately began scheduling and organizing all necessary resources.

The Strategy

With a team of just two men, we installed over 700 feet of 2-inch 316L stainless steel piping. Using orbital welding technology, our team loop routed the tubing throughout the ceilings and clean space areas with multiple single- and double-type ZDL (Zero Dead Leg Valve) POU drops feeding sinks, washers, and autoclave equipment.  After finishing the installation, our third party Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) used a borescope to ensure our welds were up to BPE standards.

We also installed a polypropylene (PP) soft water piping system with a loop originating and concluding in the mechanical water room using IR fusion equipment to butt weld the PP system together.  Our team added and interconnected a custom fabricated pure water generation skid, which included a storage tank, pretreatment and hot water sanitization features, carbon filters, reverse osmosis (RO) capabilities, pumps, a heat exchanger, and a bacteria ultra violet (UV) unit.

Not only did our team need to complete this highly complex piping system on a strict timetable, we also utilized BIM modeling to coordinate layout with other trade contractors working simultaneously on-site. Based on past projects in similar environments, our field staff understood the importance of being self-sufficient in this type of atmosphere, allowing the Construction Manager (CM) to focus his attention on other teams that required assistance and preventing potential obstacles.

The Result

In just eight short weeks, our team completed the Water for Pharmaceutical Use (WPU) piping system — a critical part of a complex building renovation — as well as a fully validated BPE Turnover Package for final customer validation. The CM was very impressed with our ability to work independently and efficiently on such a busy job site while turning the project around 100% on time, with no complications.

To learn more about HPS’s experience working on complex piping systems for various applications or to discuss how we can assist you with your next project, reach out to us today.

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