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The Challenge

A biopharmaceutical manufacturer contacted High Purity Systems (HPS) to request a modification to its stainless steel Biowaste Drain system. The project entailed modifying the existing stainless steel line during a scheduled plant shutdown. 

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The Strategy

The customer chose HPS for our stainless steel pipe welding expertise, competitive pricing, and, most importantly, our ability to perform in critical shutdown conditions. The client was impressed by our safety record on past projects, attention to detail, and ability to understand the scope of work within required deadlines.

The client had confidence that HPS would work to get the facility back up and running as quickly and safely as possible. With proper planning and allocating the right resources, the HPS team ensured that the client faced minimal risk during the shutdown.

HPS first fabricated and replaced an existing 4” stainless steel biowaste drain system. While working to modify the drain system, our team also encountered five other related tasks, all of which needed to be completed by the end of the client’s one-week plant shutdown period. With proactive planning and careful organization, we were able to complete each of the time-sensitive tasks within the one-week timeframe, as well as perform thorough in-service testing of the drain system.

The Result

In the end, we succeeded in completing the drain bypass while exceeding the customer’s expectations for the strict shutdown schedule. For our work with this biopharmaceutical manufacturer during a critical plant shutdown, our client even awarded the High Purity Systems crew a Safety Recognition Medal! We are truly blessed to work for clients who share our safety culture that every accident is preventable.

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